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Puralytics Sunlight Activated SolarBag Water Purifier

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World's first sunlight activated reusable water purifier. Great for camping, traveling, outdoor activities and emergency preparedness. Award winning technology, exceeding both the World Health Organization’s and the EPA’s highest safe water standards, SolarBag provides an easy and safe method for anyone to gain access to clean water. 


Using nanotechnology-coated mesh that reacts with sunlight to create water-purifying photochemical processes while collecting heavy metals, SolarBag can treat 3 liters of water at a time with under 3 hours of sunlight. 






Easy to Use
Simply pour water into the bag through it’s filter, remove filter and close it up. The SolarBag, with help from the sun, will do the rest. The water is purified in 2-3 hours on a sunny day or 4-6 hours on a cloudy day or if the source water is tea-colored. An indicator tells you when the water is ready. A Pur-Blue process timer indicates that the purification process is complete. Drink the safe, purified water. 



The Science
Inside the SolarBag ® is a nanotechnology coated mesh insert, which is activated by the UV rays of the sun. This initiates five separate photocatalytic reactions in the water, which break down toxins at the molecular level, to disinfect and detoxify the water.

  • Chemicals are broken down to harmless minerals
  • Metals are removed from the water and sequestered by the insert
  • Pathogens are killed and rendered harmless

Harmful Contaminants SolarBag UV Sterilizers Filters Treatment Tablets





The self-cleaning SolarBag may be used up to 500 times for purifying your water and requires no added chemicals or electricity. An essential item for your home emergency kit, for extended backpacking trips or for overseas travel, this simply effective water purification system works quickly  and dependably to ensure your drinking water is pure and safe.


  • Reusable SolarBag Water Purifier is a purification, transport, and storage system for use with unclean water
  • Nanotechnology-based water purifier destroys harmful toxic chemicals which filter based purifiers leave behind
  • Exceeds most stringent water quality testing standards from the US EPA and WHO; Eliminates bacteria 99.9999%, Virus 99.99%, Protozoa 99.9%
  • Environmentally friendly, simple operation, activated directly by the sun, no electricity, chemicals or pumping required - just fill, wait, then drink
  • Go Anywhere - Camping, Backpacking, Emergency Preparedness, International & Remote travel, Boating, Disaster Relief, Mission Teams



4 ounces 
L x W x H 16" x 3" x  9.8" inches