Goal Zero Nomad 13 Watt Portable Solar Charger

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  • Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Battery Portable Power Pack
  • Venture 30 Recharger USB Battery Pack
Batterylife won't be a problem with the Nomad 13 Solar Charger. Keep phones, cameras, AA/AAA batteries, GPS and even tablets charged with the power of the sun. Convenient USB and 12V outlets make keeping your electronics powered up simple and easy.


Nomad 13 Solar Panel:

  • Plug and Play design
  • Built-in large storage pocket for accessories
  • Use the USB and 12V ports to charge devices simultaneously
  • Sturdy grommets provide various hanging options
  • Weather resistant to protect from the elements

Nomad 13 Solar Panel Explained:
Nomad 13 Solar Panel

USB Port: Using your device charging cable, directly connect to the Nomad 13 solar panel. No additional “tips” needed

12V Port The Nomad 13 features a female 12V port. Easily connect your devices or charge most Goal Zero Battery Packs

Chain In Port: Connect up to 4 Nomad 13 solar panel for increase power output and faster charging

Guide 10 Port: Direct connect to the Goal Zero Guide 10. Perfect for charging AA/AAA batteries

Create a Solar Kit: Add a battery powerpack for day or night power

Sherpa 50 Battery Powerpack: Portable Powerhouse for your USB, 12V and AC devices


Sherpa 50 w/ Nomad 13


Nomad 13 Charging Times 
Smartphone 1-2 hours
Guide 10 AAA Battery Pack 2-4 hours
Switch 8 Battery Pack 4 hours
Sherpa 50 Battery Pack 8-10 hours


What's In the Box?

  • Nomad 13 Watt Solar Panel
  • 12V car adapter


Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Panel - Specifications
Unit weight 1.6 lbs (726 g) 
L x W x H Folded: 10.5 x 9 x 1" (26.7 x 23 x 2.5 cm)
Rated wattage 13 Watts
Cell type Monocrystalline
Open-circuit voltage 18-22V
Charging Ports
USB output 5V, up to 1A max (5W max), regulated
12V DC output (Solar Port, 8mm) 14-22V,up to 0.9A max (13W)
Mini Solar Port (2.5mm) 6.5V, up to 1.1A (7W max)
1 Year


Q: Is the NOMAD 13 solar panel waterproof?
A: The NOMAD 13 solar panel is weather resistant. Just remember you are powering electronics and those devices may not be waterproof.

Q: Does the NOMAD 13.5M solar panel deliver a full 13.5 watts?
A: The NOMAD is rated to deliver 13 watts power but the angle of the NOMAD and cloud cover can impact its performance. Try to keep the NOMAD 13 solar panel out of the shade and adjust its angle to the sun as the day passes to maximize performance.

Q: Can I chain multiple NOMAD 13 solar panels together?
A: Yes. With a Goal Zero accessory adapter you can charge you power pacls faster by chaining NOMAD's together.

Q: Are the NOMAD 13.5M solar panel's solar cells flexible?
A: No. They can handle some stress but they should not be bent. Bending the solar cells will break them.

Q: What kind of solar cells do you use in the NOMAD 13.5M solar panel?
A: We use the latest monocrystalline technology in the NOMAD 13 solar panel. Why? It provides more power per square inch than any other solar technology on the market.