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Powergorilla Portable Laptop Charger - Power Gorilla : 21,000mAh

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Dead laptop battery, no outlet. Simple solution: the PowerGorilla Portable Laptop Charger is external battery charger which will keep your laptop, cell phone, tablet and other portable electronics powered for hours…and hours.

The Power Gorilla will work with devices up to 24Volts - so from your laptop, right the way down to your mobile phone or tablet.  Once you plug in your device, (voltage auto recognition) will automatically detect the voltage level and set the LCD display accordingly.

PowerGorilla External Battery Charger:

  • Add 2-6 additional hours of laptop usage
  • No more scouring for an AC outlet
  • One button operation
  • Charge your laptop and cell phone, tablet or other USB device simultaneously
  • LED screen indicates battery capacity status and level of charge left 
  • Retains 60% of it’s unused power for up to a year
  • Use Internationally - AC charger works in over 150 countries
  • Lightweight, Pocket-size power, weighting 1.3 lbs
  pdfList of Laptop Compatibility  

How times can you charge...
iPhone/Smartphone 6 - 10 times
iPad / Tablet 3 - 4 times
GPS 8 - 10 times
Laptop 1 - 2 times

Apple MacBook Users: To use with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook you will need an Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter. The MagSafe Airline adapter cable will only POWER laptops, not charge them. 

Keeping You Powered Up

A : DC out support many electronics that require 24V DC input or less  
      (check your device's AC adapter for voltage requirements)
B : Plug in your portable USB devices (5V)
C : Charging port (AC or Solar)
Power Gorilla Portable Charger

How to charge your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air               Easy to read LCD screen

For total Off the Grid Power, Add the Solar Gorilla Solar Panel

Power Gorilla Portable Chager

Perfect companion for camping trips, world travelers, people on the go and power outages



  • 21,000 mAh High density Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Charge two devices simultaneously using DC and 5V ports
  • Recharge unit 2 different ways: AC wall adapter or Solar (SolarGorilla)
  • Input voltage auto recognition
  • LED power gauge indicator
  • Use internationally; included worldwide A/C which works in over 150 countries
  • Durable aluminum casing with shock resistant rubber protection strips
  • Safety features include voltage limitation protection; current limitation protection; short circuit protection; anti-discharge protection; over charging protection and over heat protection


What's In The Box

  • Power Gorilla Laptop Charger
  • Neoprene zip case (with additional compartment for tips)
  • 12V female car charger socket
  • Female USB connector tip for USB powered devices
  • Connector pack 1: 8 male + 7 female notebook connectors
  • Connector pack 2: Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia & mini Nokia, Motorola V66, Samsung E900, LG Chocolate and Sony Ericsson wide connector
  • DC4.0 connector for Sony PSP
  • User guide
  • Warranty card


Power Gorilla Product Specifications
Powergorilla Portable Laptop Charger - Specifications
Aluminum housing with rubberized exterior
Unit weight 1.39 lbs
L x W x H 8.66" x 5.11" x  0.59"
Output capacity
5v 21,00 mAh
16v 6, 500 mAh
19v 5, 500 mAh
24v 4,200 mAh
Output current
5v 1,000 mAh
16v 3.5A max
19v 2.5 A
24v 1.5 A max
15 - 30v
Charge time
Full charge (in AC mode) 2 - 3 hours
Charging options
3 charging options solar using Solargorilla,    AC/ mains power, USB port
Laptop Compatibility Chart (included connectors)
Laptop/Notebook brand Output Voltage
ASUS, Compaq, Trigem 19V
Acer, IT, Winbook 19V
Acer, IT, Alpha-Top, Compaq, Gateway, IBM, Itronix, Samsun, Toshiba 16V, 19V
Acer, IT, Alpha-Top, Baycom, ChemUSA, Compq, DELL, Digital, Dual, E-Machine, Featron, Epson, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Jerbook, LEO, NEC, Primebook, Quantex, Sharp, Twinhead, Viewsonic, Winbook 16V, 19V
AMI, DELL, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsun, Sony 16V, 19V
ChemUSA, Toshiba 16V, 19V
Apple MacBook Pro & MacBook Air via 12V car socket 12V - 24V *requires use with Magsafe in-car cable