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Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger : Solar Cell Phone, iPad, GPS Charger

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WhyYou Need It

With a formidable 9000 mAh lithium polymer battery, the Power Monkey Extreme is your go-to tool for charging power-hungry portable devices on the go.

What It Can Handle

In short, just about anything you can throw at it. At full capacity, the Power Monkey Extreme can recharge most cell phones up to 12 times, an iPad (1 or 2) or other tablet computer twice, or a handheld GPS like the Garmin Edge 800 up to six times.

After all that work, just open the included 3-watt foldable solar panel, attach it to the Power Monkey Extreme, and let the sun do the rest. In 15 hours, under optimal conditions, the Power Moneky Extreme will be fully charged and ready for another day of keeping your electronics running. Don’t have that long? You can also use the included universal AC wall adapter for a quicker charge.

Rugged and Tough

As a solar phone charger, the Power Monkey Extreme was designed with rugged use in mind. Shock resistant and built to handle your toughest abuse, the unit performs well on the trail or at the campsite. Waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth of three feet, the unit also perfect for worry-free use on your maritime adventures.

What Makes It Unique?

Built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology enables the Power Monkey Extreme to recharge at an optimal rate, shielding you from unnecessary wait times between uses. Even if you have to use it even while it is still recharging, don’t worry. This amazing solar charger can continue charging itself via the solar panel even while the battery powers-up your device.

How Does It Work?

Power Monkey Extreme How Does It work

Recharging Options

  • 3 watt Solar Panel
  • Wall Adapter
  • USB



  • Keep your cell phones, GPS, MP3 fully charger while on the go
  • Powerful solar iPad & table PC charger
  • Long lasting 9,000 mAh Lithium battery
  • Ultra light-weight & portability; total weight under 16 oz
  • LCD screen display battery capacity
  • Waterproof up to 3 feet
  • Stay powered up in low-light & cloudy condition
  • Leave it for up to 1 year and its will still maintain 75% of its charge
  • Included Velcro strap can be attached to tents or backpacks to added portability
  • Safety features: Short circuit protection, Overload & Low voltage protection, Reverse discharge current protection


What's In The Box

  • PowerMonkey Extreme
  • Solar slave solar charger
  • iPad compatible cable
  • USB tip
  • iPod/iTouch tip
  • Mini USB (Blackberry & Bluetooth headsets)
  • Micro USB (Android & HTC phones)
  • Sony PSP tip
  • Universal wall charger including interchangeable heads
  • for US, UK, Australia and Europe
  • Travel pouch
Power Monkey Extreme - Specifications
Unit weight (total) 16 oz (254 g) 
L x W x H Power Monkey: 5.9" x 2.3" x 1.1"
(155 x 62 x 29 mm)
Solar Slave: 0.7" x 3.5" (170 x 91 mm)
Output capacity
Solar Slave (Solar panel) 5V @ 200 mA
Power Monkey (Battery) 9,000 mAh @ 700 mA max
Safety Features
Over-charging protection Yes
Over-discharging protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Charging options
  • Solar (included Solar Slave)
  • AC wall adapter
  • USB port

Power Monkey Extreme -  Run Times

iPad 1 - 2 times
iPhone/Smarthphone 4 - 6 times
GPS systems 4 - 6 times
Mobile Phones 8 - 12 times