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ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet - Black

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Power up anything, anywhere, anytime (up to 85 watts)! The first portable battery with an AC wall plug outlet.

Problem:  Where can I plug up my laptop? Phone? Tablet? Extra Lights?



Solution: The ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet ~ Portable for on the go!



No more searching for an available wall outlet, the Portable Power Outlet gives you the ability to plug in almost anything – from fans and blow dryers to laptop. Stay connected and making traveling easy.





No compatibility issues, use your laptop or phone charging cable. 

Perfect for international travel, using your laptop on the plane or just having an emergency portable power source.

The Portable Power Outlet is compact in size and designed to fit snugly in your purse or backpack.



How can many times can the Portable Outlet charge my devices?

Please note:  This portable power bank is capable of power most 120V AC products that use 85 Watts or less. 



  • Power Anywhere : On the go, on the plane, camping...anywhere!
  • Portable Wall Power Outlet : (1) 3 prong AC outlet & (2) USB ports
  • 4 LED battery capacity indicator
  • No compatibility issues, use your device charging cable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Airplane and TSA approved


Safety Features:

  • Electronic overload protection with automatic shutdown
  • Low battery voltage shutdown
  • High/Low input voltage protection with automatic shutdown
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Standby timer off
  • Overcharge protection with maximum voltage limited
  • Charging timer/temperature protection



What's In The Box


  • ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet
  • AC Adapter
  • International outlet converter
  • Travel Pouch
  • Owner’s Manual


Unit weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5.2" x 7.5" x  1" inches
Battery capacity 24,000 mAh (Li-ion NMC) 
AC output voltage  120V AC
Continuous AC output power 85 Watts
Maximum AC output surge power 175 Watts
DC output voltage 5VDC
DC output current (max) 2.1A
Inverter Modified Sine Wave
Charge time
Full charge  2.5 - 3 hours