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Solar Link 1000 Portable Generator

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  • 120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel w/ 10A Charger Controller
Why You Need It
The Solar Link 1000 Portable Solar Generator can supply all the power you need to weather any storm--or it's aftermath. Offering 1000W of continuous power, this portable generator beast can run important appliances like a freezer or refrigerator as well keep critical home medical equipment humming along when the grid has let you down.

Flexible Power Output

The Solar Link 1000:
  • (2) Standard 120V AC outlets 
  • (2) female 12V DC power ports 
  • (3) high-powered USB ports 

Solar Link 1000 Solar Generator

2 Ways to Recharge the Solar Link 1000:
  • AC wall outlet: 4-6 hours
  • Solar: 6-8 hours (using Aervoe 120 watt solar panel or similar)

Safe and Quiet Operation
Unlike gas powered generators, the Solar Link 1000 Portable Solar Generator runs silently, gives off no dangerous fumes, requires no volatile fuel, and is totally safe to operate indoors.

Powerful Battery
A powerful 12V, 80Ah LiFeP04 (Lithium Ion Phosphate) battery forms the core of the Solar Link 1000 Solar Generator. With a lifespan of over 2,000 charge cycles, you can be confident that your portable generator will always be ready to go—no matter what the future brings.

Made in U.S.A



  • Delivers over 1,000 watt-hours of power
  • Power outlets: (2) 120V AC (2) 12V DC and (3) USB ports
  • Recharge generator via AC or solar
  • Provides back up power for appliances such as your refrigerator preventing food spoilage
  • Built in Pure Sine Inverter keeps critical medical equipment operational during an power outage
  • Unlike gas generators, this back up power completely safe to operate indoors
  • Silent and emits no toxic gas
  • Easy to transport
  • Secure connection with the Marine grade 12V outlets
  • Built-in over voltage and self-discharge protection
  • Made in USA


What's In The Box

  • Solar Link 1000 Portable Solar Generator
  • Solar Charging Cable
  • 120V AC Charger
  • Instructions
Solar Link 1000 Portable Generator - Specifications
Unit weight (total) 53 lbs  (24kg)
L x W x H 15 x 14 x 9" inches (381 x 355 x 228 mm)
Battery Type LiFePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) 80Ah - 12V
Battery Lifespan 2000+ (cycle = charge and discharge)
Inverter Pure Sine Wave
Rated: 1000 watts continuous
Surge: 2000 watts max
Protection Circuit Built-in over voltage, self discharge and short circuit protection
120V AC Wall Charger 100-230V, 50/60 hz, 100VA
Output: 14.8V, 10A
Rated Output Power (watt-hours) 120V AC: 920 watt hours
12V DC, 15A: 150W max - 1024 watt-hours
USB 2.0  (5V-2A): 10W max - 1024 watt-hours
Charge Controller Built-in 12V/24V 150W
Charging Options
  • Solar 
  • AC Wall adapter
Made in U.S.A


Charge & Operating Time
Charge Times
Using 120V AC Wall charger 6 hours
Using Aervoe 120 watt solar panel 10 hours
Operating Times
100W Refrigerator 9 hours
1000W Microwave 45 minutes

To estimate how many hours of power available with the Solar Link 1000 Solar generator using 120V, find the watt
hour draw of the device that you wish to power and divide into 920.
Ex. (1) 10-watt light = 92 hours of continuous light