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Assurance Tactical Waterproof Portable Generator

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Compact and portable, the Assurance Tactical  Waterproof Solar Generator can stand up to the elements while supplying up to 640 watts of continuous AC power. Finally, you can power laptops, cell phones, TV’s, CPAP machines, and hundreds of other devices no matter the location or situation.

Watertight, Yet Accessible

Housed in a water resistant Pelican 1400 case, thunderstorms, hurricanes and wet environments (boats, yachts) are no problem for the Assurance Tactical Generator. Leave this back up power system outside in the rain without worry. Even while closed, the unit can accept input from an attached solar panel and power many devices via the built-in 12V DC “cigarette lighter” outlet.

Powerful, Lightweight Battery

Based on LiFePo4 technology, the unit’s 40 Amp hour  (512 Watt hour) battery is generous enough to meet almost any need you have, yet it is up 60% lighter than comparable AGM Deep Cycle batteries. You’ll appreciate its portability, but you’ll also love its long life. LiFePo4 batteries enjoy up to 10 times as many charging cycles as a standard battery. Rest assured, when you need the Assurance Waterproof LFP 40 Solar Generator, it will be ready. Completely recharge this portable generator with the included 10 amp AC battery charger in 5 hours.

Built-in Victron Digital Battery Monitoring System

Never worry about not knowing how much power you have left. The built-in digital monitoring system easily display all the critical battery data. With a touch of a button you will know how much power you left, how many hours/minutes you have left before the system needs to be recharged based on what you have plugged into the system (current load), what is the current battery voltage and many other important factors.

Onboard AC Inverter

Power for AC devices? No problem. The Assurance generator includes a 12v to 120v AC inverter capable of delivering up to 800 Watts Peak /640 Watts continuous power, (2) three-prong grounded AC outlets and a ton of safety features such as automatic shutdown protection against overload, over-temperature and low/high battery conditions.  With this unit in your gear, there’s no outdoor job you cannot handle.




To go off grid: Add Solar Panels : Unlimited Power (sold separately)

You won’t spend your day waiting for your unit to charge. The Assurance Tactical Generator has an optional choice of a 120 watt glass solar panel or 62 watt foldable solar panel. The unit’s controller also features Multiple Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, allowing it to collect up to 30% more sunlight than a standard solar generator. This generator can go from depleted to fully charged in a mere 4-5 hours (varies with solar panel choice and quality).

Assurance Portable Solar Generator

Assurance LFP40 Portable Solar Generator at a Glance

  • 40Ah / 512Wh - LiFePo4 Battery (Provides 45 Amp Hours on Light Loads)
  • 800w Peak/640w Continuous 12v to 120v AC Inverter + Thermally Activated Cooling Fan
  • 19.6 Pounds - This is the Lightest 40Ah LFP System Available Right Now.
  • 200w Solar Panel Input - MPPT Solar Tracking = 30% Increase in Solar Harvest
  • Victron Battery Monitor - Displays Accurate Battery Status Data
  • Extremely Water Resistant - Leave the system outside in the rain without worry!
  • Expandable - You can Add LFP 40 Battery Modules to Increase Battery Capacity as needed.
  • Automatic Low Voltage Disconnect - Never Worry About Over Draining Your Battery Again.
  • Automatic Solar Restarting after Low Voltage Disconnect - Wake up to a charging system.
  • Simple 1 Button ON/OFF/Reset Switch - Very Easy to Use
  • Includes: 3 watt Waterproof LED Light with Magnetic Flexi Tripod - Never get left in the dark!
  • 10 Amp AC Battery Charger - 5 Hour Recharge Time From 0 to 100% full
  • Maxpedition Malaga Gear Slinger Backpack holds AC Charger, Inverter, LED Light, and cables.


Recharging Options

  • Solar Panels
  • AC charger



  • Power laptops, cell phones, 12V refrigerators, CPAP machines, HAM radios, water filtration equipment and other
  • electronics, Anytime Anywhere needed
  • Charge solar generator via solar panels or included AC adapter
  • 200 watt solar panel input – MPPT Solar Tracking = 30% increase in solar harvest
  • 50 Amp Max Output @ 12.8 = 640 watts
  • Simple one-button on/off/reset switch
  • Automatic Low Voltage Disconnect – Never worry about over draining your battery again
  • Expandable – Add additional battery modules to increase battery capacity
  • System includes 3 watt waterproof LED Light with magnetic flexi tripod
  • Maxpedition Malaga Gear Slinger Backpack holds AC charger, inverter, LED light and cables


 What's In The Box

  • 40 amp hour LiFePo4 battery
  • Pelican waterproof case with side input for solar input & 12v DC
  • 10 amp worldwide AC wall charger
  • 800 watt 12v to 120v AC Inverter
  • 3 watt LED light
  • Connecting Cables


Assurance Tactical Portable Generator - Specifications
Waterproof, Crushproof, Dustproof Casing
Unit weight 19.6 lbs
L x W x H 13.37" x 11.62" x 6" inches
Battery capacity

40 Ah - 512 Wh - LiFeP04 (LFP) Battery

50 Amp Max Output @ 12.8v = 640w

Battery cycles times 2000+ times
Output 800w Peak / 640w Continuous 12v to 120v AC Inverter + Thermally Activate Cooling Fan
Charge time
Full charge (10 Amp AC charger) 5 hours
MPPT Solar Tracking 200w Solar Panel Input
Waterproof Rating IP67 (1 meter submersion for 30 minutes)
Digital Battery Fuel Monitor Display Voltage, Current, State of Charge, Time to Go, Usage History
Battery Protection System Protects Over Charge & Discharge, and Short Circuit Conditions