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12V Portable Survivor Pro Water Purification System : 180 GPH

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In the aftermath of a disaster, access to water can mean the difference between a situation that is merely unpleasant and one that is truly dangerous.  The Survivor Pro portable water purification system can help ensure your family stays healthy and hydrated when circumstances take a turn for the worst. With the power to transform water from lakes, rivers, pool, streams, or other impure sources into safe, drinkable water, this unit is a must for any family that needs to rely on themselves until the world gets back to normal. The Survivor Pro Water Purification system has been designed around the needs and requests of search and rescue personnel, survivalists, emergency first-responders and customers concerned with the safety and reliability of international and domestic water supplies.

Abundant, Pure Water

Capable of producing up to 180 gallons of purified water per hour, the Survivor Pro is incredibly efficient. In fact, at the recommended daily usage rate of 1.3 gallons per person, it processes enough water in just one hour to sustain 138 people.

Serious Safety

The Survivor Pro is a four stage water purification system designed to remove impurities as small as .5-microns through Active Carbon Block filters certified by both the NSF and the Water Quality Association. The unit also provides additional protection by forcing all water to pass through a 304 Stainless Steel UV chamber where a 14W UV lamp works to destroy germs and bacteria that can threaten your health. The Survivor Pro Portable Water Purification System is designed so well that it actually exceeds requirements for use by the World Health Organization.

Convenient Operation

The Survivor Pro’s intake is powered by a 50 PSI self-priming FLOJET pump. If you are wearing gloves, you will love the convenience of easy setup and tear-down made possible by a design that incorporates quick-release hose and power connectors. Two simple switches allow you to power the pump and lamp independently, and easy-to-use alligator clip leads make connecting the unit to a power source a snap.

Convenient, Efficient Power Requirements

The Survivor Pro water purification system works with 12V DC power supplies and draws under 6 Amps of power. This makes the unit perfect for use with a portable solar generator, so you won’t find yourself relying on a horde of expensive, volatile fuel to keep the system running with a traditional generator. In fact, you can even power the unit directly from properly tilted and angled solar panels.

Rugged Enough to Hit the Road

The Survivor Pro Water Purification system is built for emergency use, so a little rough handling won’t put the unit in jeopardy. A an intake hose screen and a 1-micron NSF-certified pre-filtration screen work together to keep heavy sediment out of the unit, extending the life of your filters. When it does come time to replace filters or lamps, rest assured that they are widely available and inexpensive. The system is housed in a rugged, watertight Pelican 1600 case, so a few bumps along the trail or unexpected rain won’t ruin your investment.


Recharging Options

    • 12V Alligator Clips
    • 12V DC female socket


    • Purify water from any Lake, Pond, Stream, River or body of water
    • Produce nearly 180 gallons of safe and clean drinking water per hour
    • Easy On/Off Switch
    • 4 Stage Water purification system
    • Draws only 6 amps
    • Power connector : 12V DC with alligator clips & 12V female socket
    • Germicidal UV disinfection
    • Housed in Pelican Rugged Waterproof Case